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After more than three years of research and development, Montecarlo first launched in the spring of 2015. Industry experts applaud this new product for its extraordinary qualities in its recreational vehicle segment. Indeed, the Gala RV - Montecarlo stands out for its long-term autonomy; it is also equipped with multiple solutions to maximize the use of electrical appliances without being connected. In addition, the space under the RV has been optimized to give more volume to fresh water, gray, and black tanks. These improvements give the Gala RV - Montecarlo the title of the most autonomous Class B vehicle on the market.

The designers also made a great place to style and modern design in this vehicle. At first glance, one notices the European look of the cabinets as well as their rounded corners. Besides, this ergonomic function also allows better movement in the unit... no sharp corner will hurt you! All the colors have been judiciously selected to harmonize a contemporary and warm look. In addition, the trimmings and upholstery are distinguished by their obvious luxury, being part of the best products in their industry: solid surface counters, wooden cabinets with hinges, stainless steel appliances, etc. In fact, everything has been long thought out and put to rigorous tests so that you enjoy your Gala RV - Montecarlo every moment.

Go for an adventure without neglecting your comfort!


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