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Ultramobility - Mini-Review of the Montecarlo by Gala

Watch the video directed by Neil Balthaser for the US Youtube channel Ultramobility. Renowned Youtuber in the recreational vehicle industry, he demonstrates the Montecarlo models and talks about the different attractions of the brand.

  28th march 2019

Highlights of the Montecarlo FB21 RV Gala

During the Montreal RV Show, we present some of the highlights of the brand new Montecarlo FB21 (French only). Take a look at this short video here :

  3rd march 2019

Quebec's popular morning show Salut Bonjour features the Montecarlo FB21

It was Friday morning, March 1 2019, that the popular morning show "Salut Bonjour"  broadcasted by the French TVA channel presented the Gala RV Montecarlo FB21. As part of the Montreal RV Show, the goal was to showcase the show's flagship product.

With the launch of the Montecarlo FB21, which is an innovation in the Class B industry with its fiberglass and composite materials conception, it was a wise choice for the "Salut Bonjour" team. In addition to being seen live by hundreds of thousands of viewers, the video shared on the Facebook page has been viewed nearly fifty thousand times.

  1st march 2019

Offical launch of the Montecarlo FB21

It is during the RV Trade Shows in Montreal and Quebec that Gala RV presents its brand new Montecarlo, the FB21. Take a look at the photo gallery of this luxury vehicle that stands out for its composite material and fiberglass design, unheard of in the RV industry!

  23rd february 2019

New in 2018: The Montecarlo 2100LX

At the beginning of 2018, the Montecarlo 2100 was refreshed and, at the same time, renamed Montecarlo 2100LX. You guessed it, the LX means that this class B is even more luxurious than its predecessor. Equipped with decorative inserts to bring a modern look to the cabinets, it also includes a storage net for electronics as well as outdoor runningboards for the driver and passenger. The booth cushions also feature a beautiful diamond-style pattern and curtains have been improved by roller shades, much easier to use and simple to maintain.

  9th october 2018

Your Montecarlo memories

Send us your travel memories in Montecarlo! Send our stories and pictures to

  8th august 2018

Congratulations to the new and happy owners of Montecarlo.

Thank you to all the owners of Gala RV Montecarlo for sending us your wonderful travel memories. It will be our pleasure to display these images in this album. Don't hesitate to send us your testimonials and stories to

  15th july 2018

M. Laliberté's vineyard trip

Recently, Mr. Laliberté sent us his travel photos via Facebook when he visited a vineyard in Lanoraie. An exceptional landscape, thank you for sharing these beautiful memories!


  27th june 2018

Why not a blue Montecarlo?

This was the first time we were asked for a blue Montecarlo. Although skeptical of the result, we were remarkably surprised to see the beauty of this vehicle. Bet you will also fall in love! Unfortunately, we were informed in August 2018 that this color would no longer be available for the upcoming Ram Promaster. 

  10th may 2018

Here's the cherry red Montecarlo

You like the cherry-red color? You will certainly love this Gala RV Montecarlo!

  1st february 2018

Gala RV's plant visit

At each factory visit, twenty families are invited to take a tour of the exclusive Gala RV assembly line. Accompanied by the president and founder of Montecarlo, these people were able to discover the vehicle manufacturing process and to deepen their knowledge of the equipment installed. These tours are organized during team shifts, allowing you to see Montecarlo's built in real time.

These visits last on average from 2 to 3 hours. If you are interested in participating in the next visit, please register in the "Contact Us" section or contact a Prestige RV representative directly at 1-855-385-1465.

  1st january 2018

Increase your storage space with the Komo luggage

In collaboration with Komo Creations, Gala RV is proud to offer Komo storage boxes to its Montecarlo owners. Whether for extra luggage or bikes, these compartments are perfect for small vehicles. With their pivotable support, you can easily open the Montecarlo's rear doors. In addition, you can easily remove the storage box when you do not need it.

Height: 47 ''
Deep: 34 ''
Width: 72 ''
Weight: 195 lbs / 86 kg
Cycling and multipurpose safe with swivel on 2 '' receiver, including stabilizing plate.

  1st december 2017

Travel to Arizona by Mr. Sirois

It was with great pleasure that we received the pictures of the Sirois family. They share with us their American journey in Arizona. What beautiful pictures, they are breathtaking! Equipped with their Montecarlo, they have traveled thousands of kilometers and have also climbed many mountains!

Do not hesitate to send us your travel photos to, it will be our pleasure to publish your souvenirs in Gala RV!

  29th june 2017

Travel to Colorado by Mr. Majeau

Immediately after taking possession of his brand new Gala RV Montecarlo, Mr. Majeau and his wife left for the United States. They traveled thousands of miles to Colorado where they took breathtaking photos. What a beautiful gift they gave us, that of sharing these photos of the Montecarlo through impressive landscapes!

Do not hesitate to send us your travel photos to, we will be happy to publish your souvenirs in Gala RV!

  20th january 2017

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