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The expansion of the plant is completed!

It was towards the end of 2016 that Gala RV completed the expansion of its plant. Construction was quickly completed to ensure that the production of recreational vehicles was not affected. The plant can now house nearly a dozen Gala RV's in its state-of-the-art assembly line. At each position, technicians have all the tools they need to carry out their tasks. Once their respective duties are completed, each vehicle can move forward to the next station, similar to large US automotive plants. At the end of these installations, a large space is reserved for the manufacture and assembly of the cabinets. Cabinet makers with many years of experience painstakingly craft each cabinets. Then, these components are assembled to form complete furniture and are directed to their indicated station. Once the vehicle has finished its assembly route, rigorous tests are carried out in order to raise any inconformity. A final inspection by the president completes the conversions of the motorhomes, the Gala RV are now ready to travel thousands of kilometers!

Guided tours will be organized to allow you to visit our facilities. These visits will be supervised by the plant manager who will explain in detail the construction of our recreational vehicles. At the end of the tour, a snack and coffee will be served and you will be able to meet representatives. The schedule will be announced in the "Contact Us" section where you can register by filling out a short form.

Don't forget to visit the multimedia gallery and look at dozens of photos of the new factory!

  19th february 2017

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